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Όσο η θερμοκρασία πέφτει και οι ημέρες μικραίνουν, τα supermodels - από την Alessandra Ambrosio μέχρι τη Helena Christensen - επισκέπτονται το νότιο ημισφαίριο για να "αιχμαλωτίσουν" τις ακτίνες του ήλιου και να χαλαρώσουν. Ανακάλυψε παρακάτω ποιους ηλιόλουστους προορισμούς επιλέγουν το χειμώνα τα top models.

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Natasha Poly - Μαλδίβες



Wednesdays ..

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Gisele Bündchen - Κόστα Ρίκα














Hoje teremos um eclipse lunar em uma lua cheia! Esse fenômeno poderoso estará emitindo ondas eletromagnéticas capazes de limpar negatividade. É um momento especial para repensar nossa vida, para onde estamos indo, onde queremos colocar nossa energia, o que precisamos mudar, para deixar ir o que não nos serve mais e focar no que queremos criar no mundo. Medite, reflita, e um ótimo eclipse e lua cheia para todos! 🌕🙏🌎 Today we will have a lunar eclipse on a full moon! A very powerful phenomenon that will be emitting electromagnetic waves capable of cleaning negativity. It is a special moment to rethink about our life, where we are going, where we want to put our energy in, what we need to change, to let go of what no longer serves us and to focus on what we want to create in the world. Meditate, reflect, and a great eclipse and full moon for everyone!

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Candice Swanepoel - Βραζιλία















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Alessandra Ambrosio - Μεξικό














Monday Blues 🐚💙🐚

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Bella Hadid - Μαλιμπού














Just a few more minutes of Vitamin D before the cold please 🤧☀️

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Sara Sampaio - Μπαχάμες














#habitasaviva @habitasaviva

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Helena Christensen - Πουέρτο Ρίκο



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Ιούλιος 2018